About Us -- Why Am I Doing This

About Us

Every wonder why someone would spend time and money to start a travel blog when there are so many of them out there? Keep reading. Below is a little information about me, my motivation for starting a travel blog and what I hope to accomplish with the blog.  

Why Start a Travel Blog?

Hi. My name is Brian. I currently live in Dallas, Texas but I'm originally from New Jersey by way of Kansas, Germany, Virginia, and New Mexico. I always loved to travel but I didn't have too much of an opportunity to travel when growing up. While not poor, my family didn't have a lot of extra money to travel other than visiting my grandparents in South Florida (it not a joke, people from New Jersey do retire there) or the annual summer vacation in Maine. My mom grew up there. It was not until I started working that I got to travel. Now almost 30 years later, I have been to about that many countries and most of the U.S. states. 

My Motivation

I started the blog as a creative outlet to learn more about the awesome people and places around us and to share my love of travel.  I applaud those that make a living out of being a full-time travel blogger (and a little bit envious), but I'm not doing this for money. My travel blog will have informative articles and be free of ads.   One way that I'm able to do that is by keeping my costs down. I got a great deal on a custom coded blog and the web-hosting from www.getsavvydigital.com. If you see a product or service recommendation from me, it is because I have used it and like it, not because I received compensation. 

What to Expect

My target audience is someone like me, middle-aged, loves to travel, and likes to REALLY explore a location. I'm not a budget traveler, but due expect to hear about middle to upper-tier upscale accommodations at good prices as well as lots of travel tips. I also love to eat local dishes and see the off-the-beaten-path attractions as well as the more popular ones too. I'm a detailed-oriented person so my blogs tend to be on the long side but I hope that you will find them packed full of useful nformation. If you are interested in submitting a blog article yourself, drop me a line through the contact us page. I will post the blog and give you full credit for it.  I'd also love to hear any comments for suggestions that you may have.